A MAGICAL AWAKENING: Finding your Purpose


A Magical Awakening is a piece that provides the true meaning of never discarding what really matters. She talks about the value of work and love to achieve what seems impossible. She also shows us with actions how we should never give for granted what we think we have achieved, because in a heartbeat it can be taken away from us.Let your guard down so your mind can be open to help you while you go through serious conflicts in your life. Let yourself find the light at the end of the nightmare, because it is the only way you will experience a magical awakening.

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How do you get out of a nightmare without being asleep?A Magical Awakening from Socorro Martínez answers that question by showing us a series of memories a family, who has been through laughs and adversity, had to go through over the years. They experienced poverty and learned the value of hard work, always fighting to reach stability and prosperity. Life takes us like a ship at a sea of emotions, fighting through waves that shape us as we mature, sharpening our sense of belonging and the meaning of our existence.Socorro Martínez provides an interesting focus on that complexity that exist within every human being and explores how that nurtures us from the moment we are born. She talks about how the circumstances of life drift us apart from our own understanding of our everyday life.


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