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Transcendent Brave Woman has a fascinating narrative that presents itself in front of our eyes with imagery of a life full of happiness, sadness, and triumphs over the imperfections of our own kind.This memorable work will immerse you into a life with so many layers and complexity that the reader will find similarities in moments that defined their own lives as well. Moments that Transcendent Brave Woman explores with no fear.

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If from the moment we were born we were capable of knowing what is right and what is wrong; if we knew our call from the beginning and did not have all the questions that come to us as we travel through life, there would be no surprises left from our decisions. Transcendent Brave Woman explores that idea.In every evoking phrase we can identify ourselves in the niche of our families. Sometimes our own human nature is shown in the inexperience and rebellious behavior that teaches us how to mature and move forward.


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